Enterprise Loss Prevention


Which visitors are exhibiting behavior indicative of shoplifting?

What did a known or suspected shoplifter do during previous visits to my store?

How often do known or suspected bad actors visit my stores?

pdActive tracks a visitor’s movement through
each store to create a single story line of that
guest’s activities across locations.

By mounting smart cameras at each entry, exit,
register and other area of interest, pdActive
can report suspicious behaviors to Loss Prevention
for review.

The next time the shoplifter walks through the
door, personnel can intervene, preventing further shrink.

Activity Review

Review suspicious behavior

Assign to subject lists

Set notifications & instructions





Visitor Histories

Time-Stamped Entries & Exits

Multiple Locations

Custom Field for Notes & Instructions


Queue Time
Visit Length
Store Population
Frequent Visitors

About DeepCam

DeepCam is revolutionizing multi-location retail and banking loss prevention through artificial intelligence (AI).

Retail by DeepCam is a biometric-enhanced analytics engine that drastically reduces shrink and
slashes loss prevention costs, while Prevail by DeepCam enables school, corporate and public safety applications.

With more than 200 years of combined AI experience, DeepCam delivers plug-and-play simplicity in scalable systems
built for large-population environments where other technologies fail.