Enterprise Security

Understanding the movement of employees, contractors, visitors and threats in your facilities is the first step to ensure safety and protect your assets. activeEnterprise unleashes the power of AI to provide the tools and framework to meet these challenges.

The COVID-19 disruption has accelerated companies need to adapt processes and create safer spaces. activeEnterprise ensures your stakeholders have confidence and the peace of mind they are safe.

Access Control:
AI driven access control allows you to reimagine your corporate security strategy. Computer vision mitigates tailgating and false credential risks at ingress points while allowing you to blanket your facilities with visible and thermal cameras for access control and risk mitigation.

Health Compliance:
Ensuring sick people are not at work is here to stay. Face capture terminals and thermal face capture cameras screen those entering and provide alerts to appropriate personnel so you can implement consistent corporate policies and protect the privacy of the individual while minimizing human resource requirements.

Path Tracing:
Contact tracing has been vital to locate threats in the enterprise. Now this technology can be utilized to quickly find associates that have been in contact with an infected person. Tracing can be done in real-time or in forensic mode.

Real-time occupancy ensures your facilities comply with fire code and social distancing guidelines while optimizing your energy management strategy.

Visitor and Contractor Registration:
Contactless visitor registration allows you to onboard these critical users with a simple mobile app and monitor movement throughout your facilities.

Unfortunately, our world has significant challenges brought on by economic and social disruptions. Ensuring associate safety and protecting your assets are now more critical than ever.