Face Masks Are No Match for ActiveMatch Facial Recognition

ActiveMatch , pdActive’s periOcular technology uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to combat the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis

ActiveMatch provides facial recognition technology to address COVID-19 pandemic challenges and protect people from the coronavirus

ActiveMatch is a new biometric identification technology solution from pdActive, that provides facial recognition capabilities for camera systems to help retailers, large companies and communities address the most urgent challenges that have been created due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With innovation origins back to the DoD (Department of Defense), pdActive ’s facial recognition technology solution has been developed over two decades and is proven, scalable and works in even the most demanding environments.

The three biggest challenges organizations face are:

  • Providing a safe environment for people to live, work and play in, given today’s social distancing requirements and persistent coronavirus environment
  • Positively identifying people, especially when wearing masks, to know who is in your location for contact tracing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, identity verification for access control and public safety risk management
  • Creating a real time understanding of what is occurring in public spaces to help improve public health, reduce the threat of crime and be able to gather essential data to help improve the management of a business operation that has already been economically impaired by the COVID-19 pandemic

ActiveMatch, using pdActive’s advanced Artificial Intelligence, can be integrated into multiple providers of existing hardware and software solutions to help optimize existing monitoring systems, or can be set up as a new installed technology solution to deliver maximum results. Our advanced technology produces deep metadata insights that can help retailers, large companies and communities make the right real time decisions to help make employees and customers safe, locations secure and address many of the unforeseen challenges that will exist post COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about how pdActive’s ActiveMatch can help you address the challenges you are facing, please contact us. A pdActive representative will contact you within 2 business days.

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