Traffic Monitoring

For Marketing

For Security & LP

For Operations

Loss Prevention and Security
have an impossible task

because personnel simply can’t be everywhere that employees,
customers and inventory go.

Working within ever-tighter budgets, they have to identify bad actors, observe them in the act, apprehend them, and prosecute in a
system that all but incentivizes repeat offense.

pdActive’s smart surveillance lets LP and security know where to be and when to be there to stop the crimes from happening in the first place.

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a visitor's image in the app to add them to a watch list.

Turn away

bad actors as DeepCam's instant push notifications inform you of their presence.


suspected shoplifters through proactive, attentive customer service.

Good data makes for
good marketing

Marketing has to create campaigns that resonate with customers—campaigns that drive traffic.

Marketers have to know which customers are attracted to
which stores, and measure how that foot traffic changes with
each successive campaign in order to hone future efforts.

DeepCam’s video analytics provide marketing with meaningful store traffic data.

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Not just visits. VISITORS.

Segment your audiences by:

• Age
• Gender
• Location


Analytics for every level.

Visitor counts and length of visit available by:

• Store
• City
• Region

Actionable intelligence
for operations

A manager’s top challenge is making sure that they’re paying
attention to the most important task at any given moment.
They have to—almost simultaneously—manage employees,
win over customers, move inventory, and process paperwork.

With AI-equipped cameras, managers can, in fact, keep an
eye on everything.

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Queue Times

wait-time reports

Employee Management

Know when employees
come and go

People Counting

See how many customers have come
and gone within any time period